NEWS | 2014


010110 to Design First Net-Zero Residence in Southern Alberta

July 28, 2014 AT 8:27

010110 has begun new work to design the Ito-Eco Residence - a grid-tied net zero energy bioclimatic passive house for a family of three on a rural site in southern Alberta.

The new residence will be targeting rigorous passivehaus standards (without certification) aiming to produce all the energy the dwelling needs to sustain itself on an annual basis. Objectives of the project aim to produce high quality architecture based on a total building solution that provides an example of new living, comfort and amenity one would expect in a sustainable 21st century residence.

The collective team are concluding pre-design investigations and assessment, including a functional space program and an energy demand assessment. 010110 is also excited to be working in partnership with Sefaira in order to utilize a newly emerging performance based design and analysis tool for building optimization based on real-time feedback and comparisons to energy benchmarks.


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