NEWS | 2015

010110 Welcomes Reside Construction to the Ito-Eco Bioclimatic Residence Project Team

MAY 8, 2015 AT 09:00

We are pleased to announce that Reside Construction of Coalhurst, Alberta has been selected to join our project team to construct the Ito-Eco Bioclimatic Residence, a high performance single family home in rural southern Alberta. We look forward to working with Ben Slingerland on this exciting and unique project to implement our design for an off-grid super-insualted and airtight passive home on the prairie.

Ben chooses to surround himself with the best team possible on each project he undertakes. Additionally, Ben brings not only years of custom home building and carpentry experience to the project but has also achieved prior successes in 'Built Green' energy efficient housing for Lethbridge and area.


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