NEWS | 2015

010110 and Gibbs Gage Architects Team to Deliver Market at Crossings

JUNE 26, 2015 AT 16:58

010110 has teamed with Gibbs Gage Architects and Royop Development Corporation of Calgary to deliver phase one of the Market at Crossings, a multi-phase commercial retail development in West Lethbridge. The project is the commencement of a new paradigm of integrated community building through purposeful efforts to create walkable pedestrian oriented access to commercial and hospitality services in combination with a broader plan that includes earlier city initiatives providing two secondary schools, a community library and significant recreation expansion presently in construction.

The Market at Crossings encompasses four main phases, the first will include commercial retail anchors Rexall Drugs, No Frills (Lowlaws), Boston Pizza, Tim Horton's, Average Joe's and dozen's of other hospitality, business and personal services. Design enhancements include a pedestrian scaled emphasis of design by means of connected pathways and meeting places, such as sheltered outdoor patios, and site furnishings and regional landscape elements that respond to our prairie context.


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