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JANUARY 10, 2017 AT 10:38

Whether it is a new building, residence or a renovation, there is a lot of information to gather and assess before design begins. The most important decisions are the early ones.

We have prepared an informative guide to explain some of the key exercises an architect uses to establish project goals, provide a professional diagnosis and set your project on track for success before design services commence. This guide will help answer the following questions:

+ What do I need to assess before I start my project?
+ How do I find the right architect for my project?
+ Why should I talk to an architect well ahead of a contractor?

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As you grab the guide, lets make the experience a bit more interesting! Pictured below is a famous, recently renovated 'Mystery House' located in Vancouver. Can you guess which iconic house this is and the original architect who designed it? The guide reveals more clues about this masterful 'Mystery House'.

Photo Credit: Azure Magazine | Architect: BattersbyHowat Architects Inc.

One One Ten utilizes an attractively priced and effective Discovery Consultation service to help clients make real progress and reach their building goals without wasting precious time and money or repeating steps. There is no obligation to carry on afterward, but if you choose to hire us to complete the project, the fee for this consultation will be subtracted from our professional fees.

If you feel ready to discuss your early project ideas, please contact One One Ten principal architect Spencer Court directly to find out more about our blueprint for success or begin your Discovery Consultation to help you make real progress and reach your building goals without wasting precious time and money or repeating steps.

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