ARTICLE | 2017

Exceptional Project Delivery Starts with Proper Consultation

SEPTEMBER 20, 2017 AT 11:24

Are you curious about how an important initial approach to project delivery can work for you?

Our guided delivery process often starts with a powerful 'Discovery Consultation' to diagnose project goals, address program and identify key roadblocks. This needs assessment commences pre-design activities and gives clients an opportunity to work face to face and get to know us with no further obligation to continue after this homework phase is complete (we find nearly all want to carry on with us!). If you do choose to hire us to complete your work, the fee for this consultation will be subtracted from our start-up fees.

If this is more than you require at the start, we offer a 20 minute 'Professional Project Diagnosis' conversation to answer general questions and make a few suggestions that lead you on the right path.

On the other hand, if you are interested in beginning a valuable exercise that will build a solid foundation for your project prior to jumping headlong into design work or engaging a contractor, please refer to our 'Discovery Consultation' outline for more information and contact us to schedule an appointment with our principal architect.

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