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E-GUIDE | 2018

'How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Renovating'

September 10, 2018 AT 09:15

Your house or building has problems. We can fix them.

Read our guide to discover the three top criteria that eliminates most of your risk in any building or home renovation project - big or small.

The report addresses:
+ Why your neighbour's renovation project cost twice as much and took twice as long, and how to prevent it from happening to you.
+ The three C's of renovating that bring the greatest protection and value to projects.
+ Reasoned insights into obtaining proper drawings, specifications and contracts.
+ A way to assess your 'Renovation Readiness'

Whether you are renovating a building into a workplace that suits your employee, patron and branding needs, or you are tackling your existing personal residence, nothing will affect the success of your project more than the right process and architect.

We prepared this planning guide to outline important SAFEGUARDS and provide professional insights that help limit your financial risk, ease stress and ensure your building renovation, tenant improvement or luxury residence remodel is a success.

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