Fundamentally, we believe design can be a catalyst for change and that ideas and research have the potential to improve the public realm.

Broader interests in the public realm are vital to the conception of ideas, community engagement and the work we perform for clients. How we choose to interact with the world around us develops valuable perspectives for architectural practice. These are selections of 010110's research and speculative interests exploring themes of architectural and urban ideas in the public sphere.

One of our mantras includes Research Precedes Synthesis. This acknowledges that a problem well understood is a problem well defined. For us, this investigation occurs through a research collaboration within our collective network that not only includes architects, planners, designers and engineers but potentially other makers, thinkers and creatives such as fabricators, scientists, urban anthropologists, social artists and new associations with industry partners or non-profit groups.

New evolutions in practice should ultimately challenge previous assumptions of convention and move beyond theoretical applications. We believe 'architectural effectiveness' is a direct result of testing our assumptions.

A form of engaged research includes our specific competition interests that allow the collective team to concentrate freely on theoretical design applications. This work does not often lead to constructed projects but it does facilitate new architectural modalities and discourses on habitation for cities in places beyond our local context. Our research interests respond to the need for an architectural practice to return learned knowledge in designing buildings and environments to the profession itself. Each research area creates a space in which architectural knowledge can be developed free of the constraints of specific projects, sites, budgets, or programs - yet are informed by the realities of architectural practice.

Our unified philosophy is to explore diverse themes of architectural theory and research through armatures of built and unbuilt work.

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