Our mandate is to advance architectural ideas with our clients into considered environments that meaningfully enhance quality of life, places and community.


Our work is derived from a meaningful process of inquiry, research and investigation. Experimentation and design research as a genesis for architecture is the foundation of the studio environment. Our research engages urbanism in the broader milieu of regional planning and urban design. Our focus on urbanism recognizes the possibilities of intensification latent in the often overlooked but habitable fabric of cities. These opportunities include forms of intervention which appropriately intensify and enhance the livability of our communities.


A project vision is attainable when the effort is compartmentalized and implemented in a clear order of progression. Initially, architecture evolves from the definition of a design problem. The design process includes careful observation and analysis of the problem informed by professional experience through an experimentation of ideas. This process places our work on a path of discovery and innovation that can more fully realize a project's potential. In this convergence of inputs, this process of making produces a sensible response thoughtfully situated in culture (time) and environment (urbanism) and in form (building) and landscape (site).


A theme in our body of work is the notion of 'architectural effectiveness' - an area of research which capitalizes on progressive planning approaches for high project outcomes. We believe buildings should be technically sound and accountable in their contribution to broader society. During the construction phase, a full service design firm like One One Ten works as an advocate, reviewing conformance of the work on site with design intent, proactively managing changes that arise and vetting progress draws submitted by the contractor. All of this ensures a well-coordinated design and construction process, resulting in a successful project.


One One Ten is also committed to socially relevant and environmentally sensible buildings. We incorporate sustainability into our projects for their practical benefits and as a matter of principle. With this team commitment to sustainable design, we maintain our acuity in regard to advanced building science and newly emerging strategies for environmental design.

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