010110 : One One Ten

Our Numeric Moniker

010110 / One One Ten is derived from the calendar date our collective practice was conceived as a resolution made on New Year's Day, 2010 - 01.01.10. Our moniker conjures multiple interpretations as an abstraction of our design process, research interests and method to making architecture.

We believe that it is from uncertainty about the tensions and transitions in human activity that discovery and synthesis can reveal profound exchanges for experiencing the world through architecture.

Our studio investigations pursue meaningful opportunities that are products of this ongoing inquiry and interpretation.


Our moniker noticably corresponds to the fundamental building block of our pervasive technological culture as a coded binary structure. This contemporary pattern language is a system of 'signals' where digital sequences of 1's and 0's are ordered in simple permutations of infinite complexity. The language comprises polarized states representing 'on' and 'off' which generate diverse outcomes by the nature of their unique sequencing.


Symbolically, 010110 also conveys a simple economy in strict graphic form. As essential strokes of the most binary language, the simplicity of line and circle communicate the basic visual structure of written form.

An example of this reduction includes the Greek alphabet, such as the lower-case letter Phi formed of a circle and vertical line. Interestingly, among its meanings, Phi represents the divine ratio - a mathematical consistency discovered as the organizational proportion of nature (organic architecture) that equates to a mathematical infinity (1.618) - the binary DNA or codex of our universe.


Our work evolves from a lucid comprehension of frameworks, patterns and tensions distinguished by our present cultural and social contexts and the natural environment. Architecture can be considered to be a response to an urban condition or situation in transformation.

This dismantled approach to design-making opens questions of urbanism and design to what is appropriate, what is needed and what is possible in the built-sense as well as the contextual aspirations of humanity. This human centric exchange is a decisive process for architecture leading to solutions derived from a sense of community and place.

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