Our team would love to help get your project off the ground and moving forward using our proven, timely and essential project delivery process.


Are you in the early blue sky stage of considering a building project? Contact us to schedule a complimentary 'Professional Project Diagnosis' - a 20 minute conversation to gain insightful feedback from an architect on your specific project. Find out more about how this conversation can get you moving forward. Find Out More »


Ready to get more serious about your project but find yourself floundering in the early information and idea gathering stage? Do you need expert advice and counsel on your project ideas? Would you be interested in the value of having a professional architect lead you through a foundational exercise that is most likely to get you moving forward?

We would love to help get your project off the ground prior to you fully committing to a design professional or project delivery process. Let our experts help you by providing a 'Framework for Success' through our Discovery Consultation process - an introductory planning service that isolates pre-design activites imperative to project success prior to starting design work.

In a short period of time our comprehensive Discovery Consultation will kick start your project by assessing your functional requirements and building program while lowering your risk and identifying other early considerations, site constraints and roadblocks. Part of the end deliverable includes an initial Architectural Space Program to better understand and clarify the relationships and quantitative scope of the project. We also include a potential time line and an early Opinion of Probable Construction Cost that will better determine the feasibility of your project ideas and identify the potential financial requirement that also must be addressed.

We are available to demonstrate our capabilities and provide meaningful feedback on your project requirements, establish a strategy and determine the best delivery process to reach your project goals. This is also a great opportunity to test fit our working relationship and rapport without any commitment for you to carry on working with us afterward (although nearly all do). Regardless of the architect you decide to consult with, the consultation report we provide can be utilized regardless of whom you chose to carry on with in your project.

In advance of hastily speaking with a builder (who do not assess needs or provide professional design services), our Discovery Consultation will better prepare you to begin design work having a solid project foundation. Wondering in more detail why you should contact an Architect first? Read our insight into that important question.


Feel free to compile information, photographs and ideas or use our complimentary One One Ten sketch pad to put your design ideas on paper.

Additionally, if you would like to dive into a planning process independently to outline a project you are considering, use our complementary Kickstart Questionnaire to compile your thoughts. When you feel ready, return the questionnaire to Principal Architect and Director of Design Spencer Court by email. He will then follow-up to discuss a potential meeting date to begin your Discovery Consultation with himself or other key member of our collective team residing in cities across western Canada. The more information you can provide, the more meaningful our assessment will be in tailoring a process that meets your requirements. If you don't have all the information, dont' worry, just complete and return as much as you can.

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