If you care about design as well as improved construction quality, reduced risk, simplified communication and reduced timelines then Architect-Led-Design-Build is the best option. In Canada, over ninety percent of Design-Build firms are led by contractors - experts at building alone - and unless there is respect for the consulting team and value they bring, thus constrained, the design outcome proves out unremarkable.

One One Ten's Architect-Led-Design-Build delivery method teams with an exceptional allied building partner to deliver your project with utmost attention and accountability.


Architect-Led-Design-Build reintegrates the rigor of design with the craft of building and is a project delivery method where you, the client, hire a single entity, led by the Architect to design and build your home or building. The delivery structure we specifically employ is for the architect to contract directly with the owner to design and build the project, and then to subcontract the procurement and construction responsibilities to an allied general contractor, who enters into further subcontracts with their own sub trades.

There are no tangible time-saving short cuts in the construction process (none that will maintain quality or craft). Like preparing solid, complete construction documentation, construction takes time.

There are two primary phases to Architect-Led-Design-Build:

- The Design Phase takes between 4-6 months depending on the size and complexity of the project and your ideal pace. It involves a progressive dialogue with you structured over a series of meetings - each with a particular agenda. The process graduates from general to specific as we collaborate to develop the best design.
- The Construction Phase starts with Permit Submission drawings and Construction Document milestones where we translate the design and develop the details, specifications and co-ordinated documentation for a duration between 2-5 months. Once Construction Documents are ready, construction begins with our allied builder for between 6-18 months (again, depending on the size and complexity of the project).

By using Architect-Led-Design-Build, your project will progress through project phases in the most efficient way. By comparison, the typical Design-Bid-Build process often takes around 5-8 months longer (and at added cost).

At the start, we recommend beginning strong with our Discovery Consultation service to identify and assess your requirements accurately and help you do your homework. You will also get to know us better and see if we are a fit (which is important in a sustained project relationship).

Interested in learning more or getting started? Let's schedule a meeting to answer questions and describe what you can expect.
* Architectural fees vary considerably by project but often begin at 15% of construction cost. Contractor fees are in addition as per agreement.



A: Architect-Led-Design-Build teams an architect and contractor from the start. Price ranges depending on the complexity of the project, the location and the total scope of our services. To get a better idea of how much your project may cost in terms of fees to deliver the project, reach out to us and give us some basic information about the project (brief summary, project type, size, address, and any additional services you may be interested in). We'll get back to you with a rough idea of cost for your specific project prior to preparing a formal proposal agreement.


A:The benefits of an Architect-Led-Design-Build process to the client includes:
- Single-point responsibility;
- Allied architect and builder efforts parallel the design and building process;
- Greater speed of completion and less administrative burden;
- Higher quality built outcomes due to collaboration;
- Increased cost savings and earlier cost certainty;
- "Value Engineering" prior to end of design phase rather than during construction documentation;
- Streamlined and direct team communication;
- Fewer disputes and litigation;
- Contractually clear roles, responsibilities and accountability within a single team; and
- Reduced risk to the client (because the design´┐Żbuild entity assumes more).

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