Competent architectural planning, design, document production and construction administration packages that provide choice, keeping you in the drivers seat.

We have found most clients fall into one of three Architectural Service Streams*, give or take an additional service they may require. Each service stream below requires our mandatory Discovery Consultation service (or equal/approved Pre-Design brief) to determine your aspirations and project requirements as a pre-requisite separate service (and for good reason). Each service stream is comprised of a series of pre-packaged individual architectural services, as follows:

Essential Services
This service stream is suited for people who wish to take on some of the legwork and decisions independently making our work partially 'client assisted'. This 'Essential' stream provides very limited support during construction (as permitted by building type).

Standard Services
This stream is our solid performer where we do much of the research and legwork to explore a solution through design and then prepare construction documentation. This 'Standard' stream provides typical supports during construction (as permitted by building type).

Premium Services
If you are looking for the full host of (basic) architectural services, our 'Premium' service tier offers additional design exploration and visualization supports during design, the most complete construction documentation and a completely integrated professional team to address landscape, interiors and engineering building systems.

For more detailed information on each service tier stream, please review our Architectural Services Matrix and the grid menu at right to help you choose what package is best suited for you and your project.

* Fees vary by project type, location, size and complexity. Packages are typical combinations of Individual and Additional services depending on the necessities of your project.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can best tailor our services to your project.


For basic guidance, design assistance, coaching, or to get answers to general questions about design or construction, we also provide single consultations and personalized strategy sessions for a modest fee. Ask us how to take advantage of a Mini Consult with a licensed architect.

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