A one-on-one architectural consultation, coaching call, or strategy session can save you time, money, and frustration from going in circles on the internet searching for reliable, effective answers.

If you have been doing online searches, talking to friends and relatives or reading design blogs but have hit a wall and have more questions than answers then a design advice or strategy consultation from a licensed professional may be the best way forward to making real progress. A Mini-Consult with One One Ten is an accessible and highly personalized dialogue tailored to provide guidance and solutions to your project and keep it moving and not waste more time.

Need design advice or strategic thinking to ensure the transformation you are hoping for? Look no further.

With years of project planning, design and related experience in modern solutions at various scales, principal architect Spencer Court has the specific expertise and technical know-how to quickly discern key motives and strategies, project feasibility and determine an appropriate approach to your frustration. He is a problem-solver who can spot obstacles and roadblocks before they arise and a strategic thinker effectively seeing the big picture without overlooking important details. His keen talent also lies in his patient manner and in explaining complex and sometimes confusing issues in an uncomplicated, logical and genuine way. Most importantly, he is deliberate and carries a resounding passion for making a difference and empowering clients to create dream projects.

Who are our consultations best suited for?

Mini-Consults are for ambitious people seeking a personalized or disciplined touchpoint with a legitimate design professional to find pre-construction advice for building project or insights and solutions for their DIY renovation.

Each consultation is different but common themes arise, including: identifying what to do first (or next) for your project, understanding your ambitions and basic needs, defining your priorities, developing confidence and motivation, discovering hidden opportunities and identifying alternative paths to achieving your goals.

During the consult, an architect will work together with you to answer questions, identify and address the specific roadblock issues you may have and co-create a path to take action toward your project goals. The consultation includes a follow-up accountability 'check-in' to help identify and overcome any final obstacles and recommend solutions.

How does this Architectural Consultation work?

1. Sign up for an Architectural Consultation by contacting Spencer directly.
2. We will send you a short form by email to fill out and return giving us an idea of what your project may entail.
3. Gather and forward any applicable drawings of your space including sketches, photos and videos as well as any inspirational images from your favorite sources (Instagram / Pinterest / websites / magazines, etc.)
4. We will then review the information you send us, and after payment schedule your consultation.

Contact Spencer to pre-pay and schedule your Mini-Consult experience. Please also review our standard Terms & Conditions.

90 Minute Mini-Consult*
An in-depth, focussed discussion about planning, design and/or construction issues discussed in-person at our Lethbridge office or via live Zoom conversation.

*Fee is $500 per session, plus GST.

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