Milled cabinetry design services for your commerical, workplace or restaurant re-brand or residential kitchen or ensuite.

If you only need help with a system of thoughtful millwork components to re-boot the emotive brand impact of your restaurant or improve the functionality of your kitchen - we can help.

Millwork design is a time-honoured scope of work that pertains to the design of interior (and exterior) elements traditionally fabricated from wood. Architectural and other decorative millwork often includes the tailored design of custom doors, windows, trim & moldings, cabinetry, operable walls, work surfaces & counters, built-in furnishings, upholsetered seating and overlaid wall panels and ceiling surfaces. The combination of these elements provide legible grammar and dramatic focal point within a space within the larger design system of a building - so it is worth getting these details right.

Thought architects only designed buildings? Let us show you how creative we can really be.

A strong millwork design can add rich layers and accents to any space. Milled elements are also an important consideration for branded environments such as restaurants and retail storefronts, as milled elements and new material technologies can become a high-impact visual framework for creative, one-of-a-kind features that beautifully enhance the experience and brand language of a space for retail or home.

Millwork Design*
We have partnered with select qualified local millwork shops to execute superb design work using well-researched materials and integrated appliances and space-saving components for doors, cabinetry and operable wall and ceiling systems. Much of our work improves the ergonmics and use of our clientele who have specialized operational needs in business and personal home life.

*Fees highly vary depending on the scope of work required but design usually starts at hourly rates. Please reach out to discuss your project needs.

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