Before purchasing a new property, existing building or residence, gain the confidence you need from a professional opinion on how to effectively leverage your dreams with your investment.

This service is ideal for people who are searching for that perfect site, investigating potential real estate or for Real Estate Agents themselves who would like to assist their potential clients with a value-added professional opinion ahead of time in order to supplement their own property documentation. This service is intended to give people access to a licensed design professional who can provide renovation advice regarding potential modifications to an existing dwelling or building, general cost guidelines and describe the overall process of going through a renovation or addition project with answers to preliminary questions. Obtain specialized advice regarding an existing property and discover the hidden potential (or costly obstacles) in renovating an existing home, small building or tenant space prior to purchase or lease.

Find out if your building has the bones to be great, or costly problems best avoided.

Our Pre-Purchase Consultation visit includes a walk-through to discuss the adaptation potential of the site, house or building, and may cover:
- feasible design and layout changes;
- potential additions and alteration types;
- general site and property restrictions;
- permit and other approval requirements;
- general construction costs guidelines; and
- our design process and scheduling.

A second part to this unique pre-purchase service is our effective Zoning & Code Analysis which allows you to also understand what the municipal restrictions on the site are and how they might affect early aspirations.

Looking for a specific 'diamond in the rough' site to develop? Ask us about finding the perfect lot after coming to understand your motivations and building goals. Avoid buyer's remorse by contacting us to provide an informed professional opinion into your potential real estate purchase.

Pre-Purchase Consultation*
If you feel we can help, contact us to schedule an appointment to accompany you and your realtor prior to purchase.
* Fees begin at $195 per hour. In addition to our discussion, documentation includes a brief written synopsis of our visit to a property within 15kms of Lethbridge (travel rates apply at greater distances).

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