Start your renovation project right with an accurate record of your existing building or residence prior to design.

Obtain accurate, measured or scanned architectural drawings for your existing building or residence prior to planning for your renovation or new addition.

Don't move, improve! First measure, then design and renovate successfully and accurately.

The consequence of having poor base drawings prior to design inevitably becomes self-evident in construction. We can assemble a package of architectural floor plans, exterior elevations or other drawings based on your needs for accuracy or as-built record. When necessary, we can also provide investigative or forensic services to investigate the existing assemblies of your building and document them in more detail so you have the best springboard for your renovation project.

Measured Drawings*
If you'd like us to help, contact us to schedule an appointment for us to visit your building or home. Afterward, consider our effective Discovery Consultation service to avoid remorse and start your renovation with the best strategic thinking and information.

* Fees start at $0.60 per square foot for plan drawings and vary depending on entire scope needs and accuracy of service.

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