Start your renovation project right with an accurate record of your existing building or residence prior to beginning design.

Obtain accurate, measured architectural drawings for your existing building or home prior to considering any sort of renovation, addition or replacement.

Don't move, improve! First measure, then design and renovate successfully.

The consequence of having poor base drawings prior to design inevitably becomes self-evident in construction. We can assemble a package of architectural floor plans with exterior elevation drawings based on your needs for accuracy or records. As necessary, we can also provide investigative or forensic demolition services to address aspects of your building unseen and document existing assemblies in detail.

If you already feel we can help you, contact us to schedule an appointment for us to visit your building or home, then consider taking us up on our effective Discovery Consultation process for further professional advice on how to start your renovation project with the best foot forward.
* Fees start at $0.55 per square foot for plan drawings but vary depending on scope needs and accuracy of service.

Think you can't afford an architect? You can.

For many people, full architectural design services are not in the cards. In these cases, to provide greater access and help more people improve building outcomes, we began offering individual and packaged design services in addition to full services so that you can work with a design professional when it matters most: in the earliest stage of your project when ideas are formed and advanced on paper with zero construction cost implications to making repeat changes.

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