A cost-effective way to work with a licensed design professional to turn your vision into an achievable and thoughtful modern design.

This service is suited to people who dream of possibilities and the potential of building their forever home, workplace or renovation/addition but lack the expertise to capture those ideas and turn them into a cohesive communicable design. We can work with you to turn your vision, needs, and challenges into a fantastic design concept that is uniquely suited to you and the surrounding context for years into the future. Then, we'll assemble our work together in an easy-to-understand design deliverable so you can confidently move forward with your project knowing your design direction.

This individual service is an affordable way to get a modern design tailored to your requirements by a design professional when expert influence matters most - the early form-giving stage of your project. If you choose, you can carry on developing the concept with us and finalize construction drawings and start building, or hand off the design concept to someone else.


Based on clearly stated project requirements (your own homework or Discovery Consultation process), working together over an 8-week process we'll complete the following activities to develop your Design Concept:

1. Dive into your project goals & ambitions, site & project constraints and opportunities, budget and then optimize those interests into a single Design Concept.
2. Understand the potential of your project goals and strategize about how to design and deliver it so that you'll enjoy it and for years.
3. Leverage opportunities with design thinking right now when it counts most to uncover strategies that save time and money in the journey.
4. Document the design process, our observations and motivations, into a comprehensive Concept Design Package.

We'll perform the above efforts in an efficient, detailed way making sure we adequately explore key themes and discover what truly works best for you, your site and budget.


The Concept Design Package spells out everything needed for someone to understand the design concept for your project. It's packaged in a thoughtful and cohesive way that leaves no room for second-guessing and that you can easily hand off to a designer, architectural technologist (draftsman) or begin discussions with a builder to obtain preliminary cost estimates before you begin having construction documentation (blueprints) produced and before signing on any dotted lines.

Drawings include a site plan, floor plans, building elevations, and building sections, as well as basic 3D views to demonstrate the concept. Additional drawings may be provided depending on project specifics and requested services. A summary of recommended next steps and additional resources for your project such as a suggested material palette, vendors/manufacturers and other useful information specific to your project. We will also annotate references to a summary of our process together and your project brief describing your design motivations and our observations in regard to challenges, site analysis and reference projects for inspiration.

Concept Design Consultation*
Pricing for this design service correlates to the project type & complexity, size, unique requiments, expectations and design scope. Interested in fleshing out a solid design concept for your new build or renovation? Let's kick the process off and schedule a start-up meeting to collaborate together.

* Fees start at $2,950 for small projects. Includes the development of a single design concept organized in an easy-to-understand design package for obtaining more accurate cost estimates or moving ahead with further documentation. Ideally, this service is preceded by our pre-design Discovery Consultation individual service.



A: Concept Design Services are right for you if:
- You want a modern design or a design that includes aspects of modern or contemporary design in it;
- You want something tangible (actual drawings and documentation of a design that works) in order to have the confidence to move forward with a local designer or speak to builders for cost estimates, etc.;
- You don't believe you need an architect for the full duration of the project, but appreciate the design expertise an architect provides will make a unique or lasting difference to the livabililty or functionality of your project;
- You want to see what's possible for your home, your land, and your budget and whether your available resources match your needs;
- You have a lot of ideas, even some of your own sketches, but can't get the design right on your own; and/or
- You want the confidence of knowing you have a great design that fits you now and into the future AND clarity in knowing what to do next.


A: One One Ten specializes in simple modern design. We believe modern design when done right can be cost-effective and elegant, especially when considered early in the design process. We also work hard to create simple, designs solutions that leverage existing resources as much as possible because we believe that ultimately, these are the most responsible, sustainable, impactful, and appropriate to you.


A: Concept design services range in price depending on the complexity of the project and the scope of our services. Basic concept services start at $2,950 for small projects and can exceed $7,000 for larger building projects. Additional drawings and services can be provided to suit your specific needs. To get a better idea of how much your project may cost, reach out to us and give us some basic information about the project (brief summary, project type, size, address, and any additional services you may be interested in). We'll get back to you with a rough estimate of cost for your specific project.


A: Our Concept Design process culminates in a comprehensive Concept Design Package that spells out exactly what you want for your project. This package can easily be handed off to another designer or draftsman to turn into working drawings and construction documents. We can even provide source files (CAD files in .dwg format) for easy and exact transfer of the design intent. If your current designer is not collaborative in their approach and will resent the involvement of a design professional creating the concept, you may want to reconsider working with that person or determine if our Concept Design Service is the best fit given your current situation. If you are working with an engineer, you should be aware that these design professionals are trained to design the systems of buildings (structural, mechanical, electrical) and very few have any architectural design experience other than what they might glean working along side architects!


A: It's important to select the site prior to creating the concept design for your project so that your home is harmonious with the land (optimizing the design for views, solar orientation, climatic conditions, privacy and other site features or constraints). That said, if you don't have a site picked out yet, we can work with you to nail down your project requirements, define your project goals and objectives, determine your motives and create a project brief that will aid you in selecting the best site for your project. We can go even further by creating some massing studies and test-fit various layout options to see which will work best for which types of sites.

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