We are visual storytellers through media (in the third and fourth dimensions).

Architectural visualization and Virtual Reality Experiences are much more than beautiful renderings and walk-throughs of future buildings. Our representational creations are composed to invoke feelings, convey stories, inspire and invite the viewer to engage in virtual spaces - similar to traditional art forms.

Having difficulty envisioning the design? Let us help you see and experience it - well in advance.

Our role as architectural communication professionals is clearly translating conceptual designs first into captivating and engaging imagery and then, after critique and adaptation, the resulting "real-world" spaces that improve our lives. Our design skills and project development methods are also significantly enhanced by high-tech industry technologies that continually evlove and have impacts on conception of design ideas, fabrication, and integrations for information-rich construction documentation for project clarity at bid and construction.

Some of the in-house visualization and virtual reality services we offer include traditional media such as physical models you can get your hands on, pick up and tear apart. Other forms of simulation and representation allow you to wander and look while others augment with the real-world we live and work. We also create still image glimpses into the yet unbuilt future and look to harness the new capabilities of AI to generate 'deep gazes' into possible permutations of form and concepts. Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality are the evolution of communicating architecture with the deepest enagement allowing clients to get lost in and even interact with future environments in lifelike situations.

Other work is comprised of short films that introduce a different visual language and genuine storytelling of your project aspirations through moving perspectives. Sometimes we outsource this aspect of the work in collaboration with trusted story-telling partners (who only do visual expression in media for a living).

We continue to work on efficient and cost-efficient ways to make decisions and design changes during the project delivery process (in contrast with adjustments in construction).

Architectural Vizualization and Virtual Reality Experiences*
Schedule an appointment to discuss the visualization services that are best fitting to tell the story of your project.
* Fees usually begin at $2,950 for combined physical or digital modelling and depend on rendering effort or exterior/interior.

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