Codes and bylaws are pretty dry stuff. Wouldn't you rather have us do the leg work and concisely summarize it for you using words you can understand?

Zoning is a set of laws or codes that dictate the rules for what one can build on a property. The zoning bylaws differ within each municipality or city and limit the location, size, shape, and use of buildings and residences.

A zoning review and building code analysis is an architectural study in two parts - one to determine the legal development rights of a property and the other to ensure the minimum life safety requirements for a particular occupancy and building design are met. The property zoning analysis investigates the local zoning bylaws and area development plans to illustrate what use a building can have legally as well as its allowed size, height, square footage, how it can be located on a given property, and various other zoning requirements.

Most development projects begin with a zoning analysis for a specific property.

People use this service when they own a property or are looking to buy a property and want to develop it and do not know what they can build.

Besides a location, an architect needs three things to conduct a zoning analysis:

1. To better understand what you are looking to develop or build. If you choose this added service, our Discovery Consultation can help you answer 'why' and 'what' you intend to develop and give you a framework. Zoning can often have multiple options, so if we know your goals at the start that can help us focus our analysis. If you do not know what you want to do then this analysis can be generalized and summarize regulations broadly and propose uses or options for development.
2. To better understand the context of a given property site; such as any easements, covenants, deed restrictions or development / air rights on the property.
3. A legal property survey. The property survey is done by a licensed land surveyor not by an architect and is an additional service that we can arrange on your behalf. Always make sure to hire licensed professionals.

It's okay if bylaws and code interpretations just aren't your thing. Let us help you stick handle the research and compliance process.

If you already feel we can help you, contact us and schedule a time to briefly discuss your design troubles and heart felt ambition.

* Fees begin at $500 but can vary on scope of project.

Think you can't afford an architect? You can.

For many people, full architectural design services are not in the cards. In these cases, to provide greater access and help more people improve building outcomes, we began offering individual and packaged design services in addition to full services so that you can work with a design professional when it matters most: in the earliest stage of your project when ideas are formed and advanced on paper with zero construction cost implications to making repeat changes.

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