Beauty may seem only skin deep, but architecture is thicker than walls.

Floor plans always come first, but there is an ebb and flow between floor plan(s)) and the elevations (and sections!) that will require most design architects to be fluid in their design process.

Asymmetry in balance... hierarchy... building science... energy... massing... materials... composition... shading... all this and more make up your elevations and exterior envelope.

Instead of making early mistakes that compound over time, particiapte in our stand-alone Discovery Consultation* to begin your project with a framework designed to confirm your specific motivations, aspirations and project requirements. Our consultation process identifies obstacles and opportunities, lower's your risk, saves money and provides instant clarity on what you need to do right now to lay a proper foundation for a successful project.

We've seen a lot of elevations that look worse than potato salad left out in the sun.

This page is obviously in development, but give us a call in the meantime to turn your sad, depressing and inefficient exterior wall assemblies the attention they deserve.

If you already feel we can help you, contact us and schedule a time to briefly discuss your design troubles and heart felt ambition.

* Fees vary on scope of project.

Think you can't afford an architect? You can.

For many people, full architectural design services are not in the cards. In these cases, to provide greater access and help more people improve building outcomes, we began offering individual and packaged design services in addition to full services so that you can work with a design professional when it matters most: in the earliest stage of your project when ideas are formed and advanced on paper with zero construction cost implications to making repeat changes.

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