Beauty may seem only skin deep, but architecture is thicker than the exterior walls.

Floor planning always come first, but there is an ebb and flow between floor plan(s), sectional perspectives and the elevations that will require most design architects to be fluid in their process.

We've seen far too many facades or elevations looking worse than potato salad left out in the sun.

Balance... asymmetry... hierarchy... building science... energy... massing... composition... shading... materials... attachment... budget... all this and more make up the facade and exterior enclosure that protects you from the elements and expresses your priorities or brand to the street.

Turn your sad, depressing and inefficient / unhealthy exterior wall assembly into the attention grabbing facade you (and the community) deserve.

Elevation / Facade / Wall Assembly Studies*
If you already agree and want our help dreaming up the slickest facade ever, contact us to schedule a time to chat about your heart felt troubles and hopeful design ambition.

* Fees begin at $1,995 but vary significantly depending on scope of project from house to multi-storey building.

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