Gain long-term peace through the lens of applied building science and higher performance enclosure design.

Whether building new or remodelling, addressing proper design details for your exterior envelope will protect your investment and avoid future problems by addressing key strategies for water drainage, air tightness/leakage, thermal resistance and vapour control between your indoor environment and changing outside climate.

Properly constructed enclosure assemblies protect your investment. Good architecture is both science and art.

Instead of making early mistakes that compound over time, obtain building science advice before you build. From specifying performance window or wall assembly components to recommending proven or improved installation methods of building materials, our consultation process identifies issues and potential opportunities to lower your risk, save operating costs over the long term and provide clarity on what you can specifically do right now to improve or build a high performance lasting envelope that also meets high architectural expectations (rather than look like someone's science experiment).

Have an existing air leakage or vapour/water issue or are planning to re-clad or improve the energy efficiency of your building or home? Call us for a comprehensive audit that comes with professional recommendations to enhance the durability, continuity of control layers and energy conservation potential for the life of your building.

If you require a full Hygrothermal Building Assessment, we typically coordinate our investigations with a dedicated building scientist capable of quantifying issues through modelling the effects of heat and moisture in envelope assemblies.

Building Envelope Consulting
If we've already earned your trust, contact us to schedule a time to briefly discuss your building science issues.

* Fees begin at $995 for a basic audit and vary in scope according to the needs of your project.

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