We are visual storytellers (in the third and fourth dimensions).

Architectural visualization is much more than beautiful renderings of future buildings. Our creations are composed to invoke feelings, convey stories, inspire and invite the viewer to engage - similar to traditional art forms.

Having difficulty envisioning your design? Let us help you see.

Our role as architectural communication professionals is clearly translating conceptual designs into captivating and engaging imagery. Our skills and craftsmanship are enhanced by high-tech industry programs and technologies and we do this well as a practice focussed mainly on architecture (we also sub-consult with top visualization specialists across the globe).

Some of the in-house visualization services we offer include more traditional physical modelling you can pickup, move and look through; still image glimpses into the yet unbuilt future and deep gazes comprised of short films that introduce a different visual language and genuine storytelling through moving perspectives.

Still image examples:

We are also working on a cost-efficient way to make decisions and changes during the design process (compared to real life adjustments in construction) through the potential of in-house Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality - for the deepest enagement (currently this full service is contracted out, as required). VR/AR/MR are the next evolution of communicating architecture, allowing clients to get lost in and even interact with future environments in lifelike situations.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss the visualization services right for you.
* Fees begin at $2950 for basic physical modelling or digital modelling.

Think you can't afford an architect? You can.

For many people, full architectural design services are not in the cards. In these cases, to provide greater access and help more people improve building outcomes, we began offering individual and packaged design services in addition to full services so that you can work with a design professional when it matters most: in the earliest stage of your project when ideas are formed and advanced on paper with zero construction cost implications to making repeat changes.

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