Start with the right strategy and framework by confirming specific project requirements and identifying obstacles and opportunities before design begins.

Years ago we observed a pervasive problem in our industry where people considering a building project were led to begin design work before they had fully done their homework or research - usually by contractors who were approached first. In other words, people were convinced to run before they mastered crawling. Later on, with the luxury of hindsight, people discovered great remorse wondering what could have been if they had done things more wisely and not glossed over important details or made short-sighted decisions that affected the final built outcome that noticably compounded over time and with great expense in every retraced step.

We also noticed many design firms/draftsmen rushing clients prematurely into design - often as a result of an absurdly seductive design fee.

Instead of making early mistakes that compound over time, we recommend clients complete our stand-alone Discovery Consultation* to start your project with a framework designed to confirm your specific project requirements and identify obstacles (and opportunities) through an isolated service that provides clarity on what you need to do right now to lay a proper foundation for a successful project.

Planning to build MORE than once? We didn't think so.

The consequence of inadequate upfront research regarding your specific needs, program, budget and site opportunities or not identifying constraints is like building a home on a bad foundation. The foundation is the most important part of the whole building because everything afterward is built on top. It becomes very expensive to change the foundation once you have started to build on it. In contrast, it is very easy to consider possibilities, make a change or navigate a roadblock earlier in the process when decisions are represented as ideas on paper.

At One One Ten, we leverage our value to you first by not bypassing the most important project starting point. Instead we focus proper time up-front to create a better, more researched project plan using a process we tailored to assess a project's viability Before Design Begins. This consultation is the most important step you can invest in because it avoids cost over runs, design re-work and schedule delays down the road.

The valuable insights you will gain are also offered as an individual service with no obligation to commit to us long term. You may carry on with subsequent design work employing ourselves or another architect altogether. Should you find the experience a great fit and want to continue working together, we apply our consultation fee back to the design phase work as a win-win for you. You really can't go wrong.

If you already feel we can help you, contact us to schedule your face-to-face Discovery Consultation start-up meeting.

* Fees start at $1,995. Strategic planning, pre-design analysis including programming, identifying municipal planning requirements, project feasiblity and our opinion of probable construction cost. Learn More »

Think you can't afford an architect? You can.

For many people, full architectural design services are not in the cards. In these cases, to provide greater access and help more people improve building outcomes, we began offering individual and packaged design services in addition to full services so that you can work with a design professional when it matters most: in the earliest stage of your project when ideas are formed and advanced on paper with zero construction cost implications to making repeat changes.

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